Spectrum laboratory

  •  Casting quality control is made by analysis of mechanical properties and castings hardness, spectrum analysis of element composition by means of optical spectometer DFS-500 (Russia). DFS-500 is a compact safe, modern unit for analysis of metals and alloys. This device of new generation of spectometers, combining the best qualities of its своих predecessors with the modernest technical decisions. DFS-500 is designed for analysis of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals for all addition agents and admixtures, including sulphur, phosphor, carbon. The modern construction together with application of safe and approved components provides execution of precision standards and measurement ranges of elements concentration according to requirements GOST (state standard) and other regulations. Viscosity of refractory coatings and daily ethyl silicate suspension (ETS) is measured, quality control of sand mix of cold hardening mixtures is held every 1,2 and 24 hours as well as incoming material control.